The Beginnings Of Iron Born Offroad
11 Jun

The Beginnings Of Iron Born Offroad


Growing up, Blaine Davis learned to create, invent and build any mechanical project he could get his hands on. Once he got to college, picking a major was a no brainer and he earned his mechanical engineering degree from the University of Nevada - Las Vegas all the while working full-time, being married and starting a family.


After a few short months, Blaine went back to school to earn his MBA degree (something he said he would never do) because he knew he needed to acquire business knowledge to perhaps open up a business in the future. Now with his engineering and business knowledge, he knew that if he couldn’t find the dream job working in the offroad industry, he would have to go and create him himself. In 2018, Iron Born Offroad was born.


Starting a company is certainly no easy feat. When you have to start from scratch, you realize you need to pay for power, all utilities and purchase a TON of equipment, including some things you didn’t think you needed. All of a sudden you have to worry about insurance, taxes, and permits. “Adulting” becomes a whole new adventure as a business owner but it’s worth every penny when you get to call the shots and fulfill life long goals. 


The early days of Iron Born Offroad included fold-up chairs and tables, no real office furniture and big empty spaces in the warehouse. Work was filled with late nights and the kids bringing pizza or burgers for dinner. The entire journey has been a family affair since day one and continues to do so. Blaine's wife, Priscilla, serves as the Marketing & Social Media Manager and the kids love to visit as often as they can. “Daddy’s Workshop” is another place to call home and serves as a life long dream come true. 


We hope you enjoy our family’s journey into the offroad industry and keep in touch! You can find us on all social media and feel free to contact us with any questions. Let’s have some fun.