How to Prep a UTV to Sell
29 May

How to Prep a UTV to Sell

How do you prep your UTV to sell so you can get full value? It can be tough to know what you should repair and focus on before you sell your car. 

We'll walk you through the steps we recommend taking before listing a UTV for sale. 

(We also put together a comprehensive post about what to look for when buying a UTV. If you are buying a used UTV then it may help you make the right purchase.)

Make it Look Better Than New

What would make you want to buy a UTV and pay full price for it? You would want it to be clean, functioning properly, and well maintained. That's the first step for your UTV. Make sure it looks like a car you would want to buy. 

At a minimum, clean it thoroughly. When we say clean, we don't mean a quick spray down with the hose. Thoroughly clean it inside and out. Take off every accessory that can be removed and clean around every joint and bolt. We tell our clients that if the car hasn't been very thoroughly cleaned, then the chances are higher it wasn't maintained. 

First impressions matter. Make the first impression a shiny, clean one. 

Make Necessary Repairs

Is anything broken on your UTV? Either fix it or take it into an experienced shop to get it fixed. it's worth the cost and it will pay off in the sale price. 

Unless you're planning on essentially selling it for parts, then it is cost effective to pay for repairs before you list your car. 

Take a Look at the Bolts and Corners

Once you've taken care of bigger issues, take a closer look at the bolts, corners, and paint on your UTV. If the bolts are torn, corners scratched and cracked, or paint overly scratched, then make the necessary repairs. 

Small scratches and dings are expected on a pre-owned offroad car. Buyers will understand that! But if there are major cracks or issues that you would notice if you were the buyer, then take it into the shop for a fix. 

Change the Oil and Fill Up the Tank

Take your UTV in for a full oil change. We advise our clients to check the oil level and color when buying a car. The oil should be full but not overfilled, and the oil should be clean. Hopefully you have kept the oil clean throughout the time you owned the UTV, but if not, then at least make sure it's changed before you sell it. 

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is another place that can show any excess stress a car has been under. Pull the cover off and clean inside the air box, even behind the air filter. Replace the air filter if it isn't fairly new, and make sure the area is clean and free of debris and rocks. 

Take Great Pictures

We've all probably seen listings for a car or Rzr with blurry, dark photos. You probably didn't buy it, right? Take the photos outside with a good camera or phone. Make sure the car is clean before you take pictures, and your listing should have multiple pictures and a detailed description. 

Taking the time now to make the listing excellent will pay off in the sale price. 

Quick Checklist for Selling a UTV

  • Clean car inside and out thoroughly
  • Change oil and air filter
  • Make any necessary repairs
  • Check the paint and bolts for any issues 
  • Take quality photos and write a detailed description

Good luck with the sale of your UTV! If you are in Las Vegas, then you can take your car into our shop and we can help you get it ready to sell. Give us a call today!