How to keep your trailer and UTV safe
24 Jul

How to keep your trailer and UTV safe

We have seen an increase in trailer theft lately, especially here in Las Vegas. We wanted to give our fellow riders an in depth look at the way we protect our cars and trailers from theft. How to best tag cars and what hitches to use. We want the best for our audience and customers, and hopefully together, we can cut down the number of stolen property in our community.

Air Tagging Cars and Trailers 

One of the first things we do to protect our vehicles is throw an air tag into each of our cars. If you have an iPhone it's super simple, the apple air tag connects with your Find My iPhone app. Have a Samsung instead of an apple? Look into the Galaxy Tracker Tag. They both function almost the same. Make sure before putting it in your car that the speaker inside is removed. If a phone senses a tag following its location, it will ping. Just look up a tutorial on YouTube to see how!










The most important thing to consider is where to put it. Make sure it's somewhere difficult to find and get to. If it's to easy to find, they can throw it out of the car, and just keep going. Hiding the tag will slow them down and give you time to talk to authorities. Some good places to put it are in the center console, under the dash, or even under body panels if you're comfortable removing them.


Hitch Locks 

Everybody is familiar with the 20 dollar master locks from home depot. These are the most common trailer locks we see out at the races. These locks are a thief's best case scenario. It only takes a couple hits with a hammer for them to fall off. We suggest something similar to a trailer lock with a puck style lock. We personally suggest Proven Industries locks. They are stronger, and have a better puck lock system that's harder to pick. The great thing about the puck lock is once it's in place, there isn't a lot to get behind or grind through. A thief would have to draw a lot of attention to try and get these locks off. 


Hopefully with these setups in place a thief will either turn away, or try and find an easier trailer or car to get to. We want everyone to confidently go out for races and trail rides without worry. Don't hesitate to reach out to us about your next ride and other ways to best prepare from service to safety!