Adaptive UTV Controls


We are passionate about fun. 


We believe that everyone should be able to get out there and have some fun, no matter what disabilities or constraints they may have. We want to take your physical limitations, find what works for you, and create an awesome custom vehicle that you can race, drive, and push to its limits.

Our owner Blaine became passionate about creative adaptive controls when his friend James Jaramillo was paralyzed in a dirtbike accident in high school. During his studies of mechanical engineering in college, Blaine would work with his professors to create controls for James so he could get back out there and have fun again. 

That’s really why Blaine started Iron Born Offroad. Iron Born offers safety accessories and servicing, but Blaine’s heart really lies in adaptive UTV controls. 

Everyone who has been in a RZR or UTV has experienced the feelings of freedom and fun that they bring. We want everyone to experience those feelings, no matter their disabilities. And we want them to experience it safely so they can keep doing it for years to come. 


What qualifies as adaptive work?


Adaptive work is making a car driveable for those who have been paralyzed or have physical limitations and can't drive the car with a normal brake and gas system. We sell and create steering control systems to make driving possible just using your hands. 

Anything that changes a vehicle to make it easier for a disabled person to drive is considered adaptive work. That could simply be a hand-controlled gas and break, or it could be a full build with a custom seat, steering wheel, controls, and anything we can think of. When we say custom we mean it. These controls are made individually for each client, and they can be arranged to each person’s specifications. 

People with disabilities can drive safely and easily—they just need someone to help them create a control that works for them. That’s exactly what we do at Iron Born Offroad. 


What can you add to a UTV?


We can add almost anything to a UTV. There are very few limitations in what we can build onto your vehicle. 

Give us a call with your idea and we’ll let you know if we think it will work. If you can dream it, we can make it. 


What is the process of getting an adaptive vehicle like?


When you first reach out to Iron Born Offroad about getting an adaptive car with hand controls, we will set up a time to meet with you on the phone or in person to get an idea of what you are looking for. Blaine will meet with you to assess your abilities and see what controls you need. 

We will then work with you to design and create custom add-ons for your UTV. We will ensure they fit correctly and make any adjustments needed. 

The majority of the process can be done remotely. Only the final fittings should be done in person for the best results. 


Why should I get a custom build over off-the-shelf hand controls?


Every driver is different, and off-the-shelf hand controls don’t work for everyone. Our friend James, who is featured in the video above, is a perfect example. His abilities give him motion in his arms, but he has more power with a lap steering wheel than a traditional steering wheel. 

Off-the-shelf hand controls would not work for James, and they don’t work for many people with disabilities. The boxed hand controls also tend to break or wear down when they are used in UTVs. They aren’t made to be in extreme situations with dirt, rolling, and jumps. They just don’t last as long and work as well as custom controls that are made for offroading. 


What disabilities do you work with?


We can work with any physical disability to find a solution that works. James in the video is technically a quadriplegic yet he races against able-bodied individuals in competitive races. 

If you have as much movement as James or more, then we can build a custom offroad vehicle that works for you. It’s time to get back out there and have some fun again. 

Most adaptable UTVs are driven by people who are paralyzed or have cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, or a genetic disorder. We will find a way to make a UTV that fits your movements and abilities.